Today, in the 21st century, we’re all driven by materialism, culture of constant success. Though we always say “be yourself, do what you really want to do, do not listen to other people, who tell you who you have to be, money is not the main thing” and similar things. But do we really do what we want? Do we really think, that money isn’t the main thing? These are the questions I’ve been always asking to myself and that drives me. I want to be myself, no matter how much money will I make or lose.
My name is Jelena, and I am a freelance artist, I make animal related works. I drive myself to do what I actually want to do. Art is my passion. I love making all kinds of creative art with wool. I just found something special in it, that allows us, wool felting artists, to make sustainable fashion and innovations in fiber technology. There’s so many possibilities with it. I love animals, and since my childhood, I’ve been drawing and painting, of course, it was animals.
In the year of 2010, I’ve found a new kind of way to express myself: felting. I found so many possibilities with this way of art. It just blew my mind, I can do so much just with a few tools! Now I made it a business, and I can express myself every day. I understand work as doing something you love, and doing it with all your heart and capabilities. That‘s how I‘ve been working since I‘ve started this business.
I am currently working from Lithuania and bring you joy and love with these little handmade felted animal sculptures right from this little country, no matter where you are! I really love what I do, and it brings another affect to people and I receive much positive feedback. Because, how ironic it can be, but when I do what I love, the result is outstanding!
The work I do is made by using the proven techniques in felting. When I make the animal sculptures, by using these techniques, the finished sculpture looks very realistic, they have many combinations of emotions, originality and the realistic look, that brings them to life! Sometimes people can bring life into things, right?
The felt works I make, can be the perfect gift for any occasion, when you feel the need to give the gift to your loved ones and friends. I can take custom orders and make your pet in the method of felt! By now, I have made many felt works and paintings for a memory of pets I use the special barbed felting needle, that can only be used by hand. And I can either recreate your pet, or create any other animal you desire to be made.
I also make felted wool slippers, that are comfortable and better than any slippers you can buy in a shop, because they‘re made out of real wool, which makes a healthy impact on your skin, as real wool has been proven to be healthy for your skin. The slippers I make are durable under most conditions. I can assure you, that everything I make is made with high quality materials, that are built to last for a very long time, under most of the daily conditions. They also look very superb, and have that „made for my cozy house“ feeling. It‘s made by hand only, I prioritize not industrialized art, as it is my passion and love. The animals are made with a lot of detail and look like they‘re alive and are very durable to any conditions.
If you are looking for a lifelike portrait of your pet on canvas, a recreation using felt, or a pair of comfy shoes, let me customize your order today so that I can bring the one you love to life through my talents in felt crafting and painting.

With love, Jelena